The 12 Best Super Bowl Commercials That Kept You From Changing The Channel


Let’s be honest, unless your team was actually playing in the Super Bowl, you probably only watched it for three reasons: it would be frowned upon to change the channel at a Super Bowl party, the halftime performer, and the commercials. Thankfully, Katy Perry stole the show with her dancing sharks and beach balls, and this year’s ads did not disappoint. Here are the top choices that are sure to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Fiat: “The Fiat Blue Pill”

Just think, Fiat’s guy in advertising got paid for having his mind in the gutter.

BMW: “Newfangled Idea”

It’s hard to believe that in 1994, Katie Couric didn’t know what the internet was or how to do her hair. I’m waiting for part two, where we get to see her attempt at twerking.

Nationwide: “Invisible Mindy”

Nationwide had several commercials, which mostly made me want to kill myself because they were so grim. Thankfully, Mindy Kaling saved the day in this ad with Matt Damon.

McDonald’s: “Pay With Lovin’ “

How can you not love this ad? It’s heartwarming and uplifting, and it’s essentially centered around carbs. Winning.

Toyota: “My Bold Dad”

Out of all the dad-centered ads — and there were a ton — this one knocked it out of the ballpark. You. Will. Cry.

Snickers: “The Brady Bunch”

That Steve Buscemi is so hot right now. Buscemi.

Budweiser: “Lost Dog”

You’ve got a hot dude, you’ve got a cute dog, you’ve got beer. Another winning combo.

T-Mobile: “#KimsDataStash”

We’ve all seen it, and even if you hated it, you know you kind of liked it.

Carnival: “Come Back To The Sea”

This JFK speech sound bite voiced over these Carnival clips is straight up magical. P.S.: I also have salt on my fries.

Esurance: “Say My Name”

Just when you thought you’d never see Walter White again. Glad to have you back, bitch.

Coca-Cola: “#MakeItHappy”

I don’t really know if drinking my Diet Coke is going to help end cyber bullying, but I’m willing to try. #MakeItHappy

Always: “#LikeAGirl”

Do I even need to say anything?

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