The 5 Benefits Of Having A Hot Mess Sister In Your Sorority


Every sorority has that sister. The one who everyone loves to hate, and hates to love. Reputation doesn’t faze her. She’s most likely a senior or junior that hasn’t been sober since the day she moved into her first dorm. You can find her making out with a different guy pretty much any time she goes out. She’s the opposite of shy, and she brings fire when she voices her opinion (which is always). She views the rules of being in a sorority as light suggestions. Nobody is quite sure how she has managed to stay in the chapter as long as she has, but for as much trouble as she’s caused, everyone loves her.

Society wants you to think that the hot mess sister is a PR risk, and maybe she is. Okay, she definitely is. But at the same time, she’s an incredible asset to the chapter. Every sorority needs a hot mess, and here’s why:

1. She’s A Role Model

Yes, you read that right. The hot mess sister struts around with confidence because she knows who she is and what she is worth. She doesn’t put up with people’s shit because she honestly doesn’t care. She’s who she is, whether you like it or not, and there’s something to be said about a girl who has that kind of unshakable confidence in herself. She doesn’t care if you judge her or call her a slut, she’s gonna do what she’s gonna do. This girl isn’t afraid to break the rules as long as her and her friends are having a good time. People look up to her for this, and so should you.

2. She’s Social

The hot mess sister is all about putting herself out there and making herself known. She gets along with just about anyone (at first). Face it, a lot of people are fond of your sorority because they are friends with her. Fraternities don’t consider her a groupie because she isn’t desperate for their attention, but she does know most of the brothers in the majority of fraternities on campus. This comes in handy if you ever want to have a mixer. It’s also great to have this girl during recruitment. Persuasion is second nature to her. Standards can confirm this. She is a PNM magnet, and if a PNM is looking for a sorority where she can be herself and let her freak flag fly, this sister will convince her that this is the only place for her.

3. She Can Always Find You A Date

If you are ever in need of a date to formal, go to her first. She knows just the right person to hook you up with. She has contacts in every fraternity, so take your pick. She might be a hot mess, but through all of her shenanigans, she’s made a lot of friends.

4. She Gives Great Advice

If you ever think you’ve done some fucked up shit, this is the girl to go talk to. Chances are whatever you did is just a baby step to some of the things she has done. Even if she intimidates you, she will give you some damn good advice on what to do if you ever get in trouble. She’s been there, wherever you are, probably more than once. She is experienced in causing trouble and knows exactly how to get through a standards meeting. Plus, you’ll quit judging yourself once you hear some of her personal stories.

5. She Has The Best Stories

How boring would it be to never hear about the shenanigans this sister gets into? She’s like an awesome horror movie that you never know what is going to happen next, but you can’t wait to find out. Think Miley meets Beyoncé meets Kim Kardashian. Her stories are always so outrageous, you wouldn’t believe them if it was anyone else. You rear your head every time you hear her name because you must know what she did this time. It’s addictive, really.

She might be a hot mess, but at least she keeps things interesting.

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Kate Sanders

Kate is the popular, promiscuous, pretty bitch that you love to hate. She was voted "Most Likely To Party Forever" in high school and still lives up to it. She considers shopping her cardio and nonfat Starbucks as dieting.

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