The 5 Types Of Big/Little Reveals


Big/Little reveal is like, the biggest of deals. You vigorously pick out the perfect theme. You run around town trying to get everything together, and in everyone’s sizes. You pray to God the rest of your lineage all sticks to the strict dress code (you have to wear the headband, Stacy!!!), it’s exhausting. Even after all of your meticulous planning, every reveal tends to fall into one of five categories.

The Obsession Reveal


These girls are in the same family because they all share the same obsession. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, Grey’s Anatomy, or the same cheap liquor, it’s what made them the fam that they are. Somehow this group of weirdos found each other through the grace of the sorority goddesses. Even though it probably gives it away, their reveal is going to reflect the thing that bonded them together. And they’re going to go all out. They’re probably going to spend more than everyone else, but to them, it is so, so worth it. Costumes, wigs, props. You name it, they’ve probably got it.

The Unnecessarily Sexy Reveal


They’d never say it out loud, but this fam has been on the hunt for a hot little since before recruitment started. From the dawn of sorority time, this lineage has all been jaw-droppers and they’re not going to let that die. Their reveal is going to highlight the newest addition and all of her hotness. Their theme is not something that has to be necessarily “sexy,” but you better believe it’s going to be. They’re not going to be nerds, they’re going to be ~hot~ nerds. They’re not just going to wear the Victoria’s Secret angel robe, they’re going to wear the bombshell underneath and pop a little cleav. Hey, on the plus side, they’re ready to hit up the nearest themed frat party afterwards.

The TSTC Reveal


Ah, the TSTC Reveal, otherwise known as the basics. This reveal is probably going to include Starbucks, monograms, or a whole lot of pink. They definitely got their idea after several minutes of browsing through Pinterest. Even though it’s probably way overdone, you can’t hate them. They still look hella cute, and will get a lot of likes on the Insta post.

The Lazy Girl Reveal


Maybe they totally forgot reveal was around the corner. Maybe they’re not crafty. Or maybe they just don’t care. They’re either in a big t-shirt (I’m in a sorority, duh), a recycled Halloween costume (save dat money), or didn’t really dress up at all (*gasp*). But that IDGAF attitude is exactly what makes them such a perfect match.

The Box Reveal


I’ve always been jealous of the girls that get to do the box reveal. This reveal is a blessing. I can’t think of anything better. You get to be the present! Like, you are literally a gift. Your presence is a present (shout out to Kanye West). It’s much more climactic too. Plus, if your little heart desires you can dress up too! The best of both worlds.

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