The 5 Types Of Sex That Will Send You Into Absolute Crisis Mode

5 Types of Sex

We love sex. You love sex. Sex is good for the soul. Believe that. But with it, sometimes there are complications. Whether you just overthink things or the sex is related to some actual bad choices, occasionally, post-coitus, you’ll be left wondering “What the fuck did I just do?”

1. First Time Sex With A Guy You’re Dating
The first time you have sex with someone who you think may have long-term potential can be unnerving. If it’s good, you’re happy and you hope it continues. If it’s bad, you wonder if it will get better, and if it doesn’t, you have to decide if it’s something you can live with if the other aspects of the relationship show promise. (A word to the wise, it’s not.) In either case, you almost always question if you did it too soon and cross your fingers that it won’t fuck up what you hope may become an actual relationship.

2. Sex With A Guy Friend
Sex with a guy friend can cause all kinds of complications. If you have feelings for him, you wonder if the sex means something and if it could lead to a relationship. If you don’t, you wonder if the sex means he has feelings for you and what that means for your friendship. Even if there are no romantic feelings on either side, there’s something about seeing each other naked that tends to complicate matters.

3. Sex With Your Ex
He’s an ex for a reason, and sex with him can lead to all kinds of crazy thoughts. If you’re the one who broke things off, sometimes sex with your ex can lead to you question your decision, particularly if you don’t have any other prospects on the horizon. If he ended things, you start to wonder if the sex means he wants to get back together or if the relationship is salvageable. It starts to feel like the sex–especially if it’s good–erases all the bad that caused your relationship to end. We know logically that’s not the case, but having sex with your ex isn’t exactly logical, is it?

4. Random Sex
It would stand to reason that sex with a random guy would cause the least amount of drama in your mind. After all, when you have sex with someone you don’t know and have no feelings for, what could there be to worry about, right? But in this case, the questions that arise have little to do with the dude and more to do with you. There are times that sex with a random will cause you to question your decisions. And sometimes, little things he likes might make you feel bad about yourself in some way, only making matters worse. There’s also, unfortunately, the worry about how people will perceive you. While we know we shouldn’t sit in judgment of anyone else’s sex life, and that everyone has the right to sleep with anyone she wants, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. When you have sex with randoms and people know about it, the potential for judgment is always there.

5. Unprotected Sex
No matter who it’s with, unprotected sex has the capacity to screw with a girl’s head. Almost immediately, you convince yourself that you’ve contracted an STD or will be welcoming a little legacy in nine months. You wait on pins and needles for your period to show up. You Google STD symptoms and decide you have some weird combination of gonorrhea and HPV. While we agree that you should have much sex as you can, if you don’t have protection, don’t do it. The mental stress that follows afterward isn’t worth it–and never mind if any of the unfortunate possibilities become a reality.

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