The 50 Best Things About Having a Boyfriend

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1. You have a permanent cuddle buddy and it’s never awkward.

2. You have someone to carry things.

3. And fix things.

4. And change your oil.

5. Your parents never worry you’re a closet lesbian.

6. If you need a date you always have one.

7. You hardly remember what your wallet looks like.

8. That feeling you get when you can tell he’s showing you off to his friends.

9. You actually get to wear your sexy lingerie.

10. Kissing is fun when you’re drunk, but it’s more fun when you’re sober.

11. You have someone to craft for all the time.

12. It’s easier to picture your potential future monogram.

13. And name your potential future children.

14. You put more effort into your body when you know someone is going to be regularly seeing you naked.

15. You always have someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

16. Dressing up as a couple for Halloween is always more fun than dressing up by yourself.

17. You never have to third wheel.

18. You don’t spiral into a depression for the entire month of February.

19. It’s like having a real live Ken doll to dress.

20. There’s someone to eat the rest of your food so it doesn’t go to waste.

21. No one is looking at you the way you look at that friend who is desperately pining for the affections of someone who just doesn’t like her.

22. Sex is better with someone you care about.

23. It’s like an internship for marriage.

24. Moms exist so you can bitch about the world. Boyfriends exist so you can bitch about your mom.

25. It’s nice to know he likes you beyond your tits.

26. Presents. Duh.

27. You can get him to do pretty much anything with a smile and a kiss…On the penis.

28. You get to steal awesome t-shirts.

29. It’s fun to be domestic.

30. You don’t feel bitter when your friends get engaged.

31. You have someone to tell about the fact that the deli made your sandwich on white instead of wheat, and other things that no one else would care about.

32. You get to spend quality time with a man without hooking up.

33. He can reach things that are high up.

34. You’re never pathetically waiting for a guy to contact you when you secretly know he never will.

35. There’s always someone paying attention to you.

36. You don’t have to count how many minutes ago he texted you before texting back.

37. If you missed a spot shaving it’s not the end of the world.

38. You can release your emotions and throw a temporary bitchfit and he’ll love you anyway.

39. Your number never goes up.

40. You can totally stick up for yourself, but you never have to.

41. Nothing beats that moment when he gives you his lavalier.

42. Except for that moment when he gives you his AMEX.

43. Broad shoulders. Big arms.

44. You never get set up with losers.

45. No one ever asks you “why aren’t you seeing anyone?”

46. “Wine and cheese” nights are classier than “vodka and cheese fries” nights.

47. You never regret the decisions you made with him when you were blacked out.

48. Being in love is lovely.

49. Christmas is just better with a boyfriend.

50. I know it’s not a competition, but…you’re winning.

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