The 6 Kinds Of Sisters At Every Fraternity Social


The Extrovert
This girl just met the brother she’s chatting up, but she’s talking to him like they’ve been best friends since birth. She’s not afraid to talk to anyone and she genuinely does not care what they think of her. She knows she’s fun and chances are she’ll leave this social with 15 new friends. You probably envy her and want to hate her, but you know you can’t.

The Introvert
The polar opposite of the extrovert, every social has at least one girl who spends the night wondering why she even came. Chances are she’s only there because she felt bad for missing so many socials in the past. She usually spends most of the social talking to her sisters. There’s no way she’ll talk to any brothers first, but if they approach her she may just come out of her shell.

The Frat Rat
This girl already knows all the brothers and has spent a ridiculous amount of time at the house. She acts like she lives at the house, mostly because she basically does. She knows more about the fraternity than she does her own sorority, and would most likely become a pledge if she could.

The Ho
The girl who’s really only there to hook up with guys and everyone knows it. She’s the one shamelessly flirting with every single brother she talks to. You either love her or you hate her, there is no in between.

5. The Wannabe
This girl wants to be the frat rat SO BAD. She talks a big game about how close she is with the brothers, but never shows it at their socials. She’s usually the one laughing too hard at their jokes or trying too hard to be funny and “relatable.” She goes all out to try to look like she’s just one of the guys.

6. The Drunk
Last but not least, we have the drunk. Okay, we all know there are rules around drinking, but chances are there’s at least one girl who will get sloppy, despite the sober monitors’ best efforts. This girl can’t really hold a conversation with anyone and will probably end up vomiting in the sink. Whatever, we’ve all been there.

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