The 7 Stages of Grief When Your Rush Crush Chooses A Different Sorority


Recruitment week is coming up soon, which means hundreds of girls will be entering your house and learning about your sorority. Let’s face it, your sorority has the best colors, the best mixers with the best frats, and always chooses the best new members. But sometimes, the PNM you are convinced will be your little does the unthinkable. She picks a different sorority.

Stage One: Shock
When you look at the list of new members in your sorority, you are sure there must be some mistake. Where is your rush crush? The two of you had so much in common, you both like Mean Girls and you both think working out is overrated. Okay, maybe a lot of girls feel that way, but you swear with her it was on a deeper connection level.

Stage Two: Denial
You attend bid day with the rest of your sorority, but for some reason the day has a feeling of gloom to it. The glitter isn’t as sparkly, and you feel like your tutu has lost its oomph. And then you see her, your beautiful rush crush, running into the arms of your rival sorority. You can’t believe this is happening and you quickly turn to your sisters to convince you that you are having a terrible dream. They tell you that it is, “for real” and you feel betrayed and faint.

Stage Three: Bargaining
Your sisters have to quickly hold you back from walking over to those bitches and causing a scene. How dare they steal your future little? You really want to simultaneously yell at them and beg your rush crush to reconsider. Surely she will change her mind once she hears about all the great crafts you were going to make for her.

Stage Four: Guilt
You begin to second guess what you said and the way you acted towards her during rush week. Did you come on too strong? Or maybe you acted a bit snobbish about your sorority, I mean it is the best. Maybe she thought your sorority wouldn’t pick her so she decided to go with the safe choice and choose those girls. Ugh, why didn’t you invite her to a Gossip Girl marathon when you had the chance?!

Stage Five: Anger
Those girls she chose are going to be sorry. You imagine plots of revenge, from sleeping with the president’s boyfriend, to “accidently” spilling your beer on your rush crush’s big at the next party. You realize these thoughts may come off as certifiably insane, but what does it matter? They got the girl and you’re pissed!

Stage Six: Depression
Your sisters point out that you only knew the girl a week, but you can’t help but feel that you will never find another girl as great as her. You swear to never take a little, like taking a vow of purity for becoming a nun, but nowhere near as drastic. Your sisters did name you “Most Likely To Win An Oscar” because they think you’re a little dramatic, but what do they know? They were nowhere near as lucky to make a connection like you did.

Stage Seven: Acceptance
Time or a great weekend out with your sisters, heals all wounds. You are beginning to realize that if your rush crush didn’t realize what a great sorority she passed up it’s her loss, not yours. Meanwhile you are busy meeting your sorority’s new members. Who knows? You may just meet your new little after all.

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