The Abominable Struggle That Is Trying To Get Along With Your Boyfriend’s Best Friend’s Girlfriend

Boyfriend's Best Friend's Girlfriend

If you’re in a sorority, you’re probably a fairly agreeable person. You made it through rush, talked to 500 strange girls, and probably got along with the vast majority of them. If you’re like me, a generally agreeable person and former sorority girl, you meet people all the time–on campus, in class, at Starbucks, at yoga–and the only thing separating you from becoming actual friends with these people is broaching the topic of the female version of a man-date. You know, going out for coffee, smoothies, green juice, vodka rocks, or whatever floats your boat. What I’m getting at here is that most of us get along with other people really well.

However, every once in while, you meet someone new and immediately hate her. There’s nothing particularly strange or off-putting about this girl, but she just rubs you the wrong way and all you can think of is how much you want to kick her in the shins and run away. The worst part? This person is typically someone you can’t avoid seeing regularly, and almost always crash lands into your life in the form of your boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend.

At first, you think you’re just being a judgmental asshole, so you shake it off. She looks just like anyone else you’d be friends with, so you start the awkward and painstaking process of befriending her. It will actually feel a lot like rush–small talk or empty gossip, or maybe lunch or shopping. Initially you both convince yourselves you actually like each other, but as time passes and it becomes apparent that you man’s friend intends on keeping her around a while longer, you begin to physically reject her. There’s still no real reason behind the loathing, and you actually became new best friends with your barre teacher over the weekend so you know you’re not deteriorating as a human being, but everyone has one person she just can’t tolerate.

So what’s a girl to do in this situation? If slamming back a few glasses of red isn’t an option and you’ve already backed out of one too many cocktail dates with these folks, then sister, you’ve just got to sack up. Girls are nothing if not resourceful, and sorority girls in particular are excellent at feigning friendship for the sake of the group. I speak from experience, so take my word for it: there’s no getting out of this one. Pop a Xanax, have a cocktail, meditate, or do whatever you’ve got to do to keep yourself together, because the only thing worse than pretending to be friends with this girl will be the feeling you have the morning after you lose your shit.

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