The Bachelor Winter Games Sounds Like Hell On Earth

The Bachelor Winter Games Sounds Like Hell On Earth

For those of you who have still not quite gotten over the fact that hottest man on Earth, Peter Kraus, will not be this year’s Bachelor, have no fear! While we can continue to stalk him and Dean on social media, we now have the glimmering beacon of hope that they will be back on our television screens competing for love yet again. Although, they both proved they weren’t quite ready for love on The Bachelorette… their smiles, ok? They make up for it.

Reunited and it feels so good! ❤️❤️

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Welcome the newest spinoff to The Bachelor franchise, The Bachelor Winter Games. I was, and still kind of am, all sorts of confused about what this show is going to be about, but we do have some updates. The show is meant to be “The Bachelor” mixed with “Bachelor Pad” with a sprinkle of “The Challenge.” Confused yet? Me too. ABC trying too hard.

So it’s about love, but there will be athletic challenges, and it’s in Vermont… Sounds like my own personal hell, TBH. ABC wants to mimic the Winter Olympic Games, and in doing so, ABC will be bringing in Bachelor and Bachelorettes from the franchise around the world, including Bachelor Japan, Bachelor Australia, Bachelor Canada and Bachelor U.K. If this is about finding love, why bring people from different countries in? Vanessa and Nick couldn’t make it work when she lived in Canada. Granted, they hated each other, but I bet no no one wants to fall in love on TV then move to Japan. How would they get all the DIFF Eyewear promos?

To be completely honest, I’m over this shit. Over all these guys and girls who don’t have jobs, party in a different city every weekend, but live through their gummy bear hair sponsorships. And I’m also jealous that I still have a 9-5, don’t leave my house, and don’t get paid for anything I do on social media.

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