“The Bachelorette” Is Basically Recruitment

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The Bachelorette is finally back. We return to our couches Monday nights armed with a bottle of wine that will surely be gone by the end of each episode.

Whether you’re tuned in with your favorite drinking game, are drinking your feelings away, or are just soberly watching the drama unfold (lol jk we know you don’t do that), it was hard to miss the obvious connections between the show we hate to love and the annual week-long hell we love to hate: recruitment. Just as us women seek out new members to join us in our college experience, JoJo is searching for a man to join her for the rest of her life.

Greeting New People at the Door

On Monday night we watched the bachelors walk out of the limo in their first attempts to woo JoJo hoping to receive a rose, just as PNMs parade through the doors of our houses attempting to get a bid. JoJo stands at the door as the VP of Recruitment extending greetings, complimenting those she loves immediately, and still being polite to those who would never get a rose in their wildest dreams. “Welcome, you look so great! Don’t be nervous, just go inside, this is going to be so much fun!” We’ve all heard our VPs of Recruitment exclaim this to PNMs. The bachelors dress to impress and hope to make a lasting impression. Chris Harrison, like any great recruitment consultant stands aside ready to step in and ensure that the event is sticking on schedule.

Conversation Rounds

Just as every great sorority woman knows, you’re going to meet people during recruitment that don’t know how to carry a conversation. JoJo finds herself in the same position as she politely smiles and nods through conversations that you can tell just do not interest her. There is a fine balance between being polite and being fake. JoJo treads this line perfectly with some less than perfect suitors. There is also that one person who causes a scene. Some men get hammered, and one even takes all of his clothes off before jumping in the pool (This is why recruitment needs to include alcohol to see who can handle their alcohol and who ends up taking their clothes off at the end of the night, emirate?). Every great sorority woman also knows that she will meet people who they will hit it off with immediately. The conversation flows naturally, as she finds herself smiling from ear to ear. JoJo mentally keeps track of these men to make sure that they get invited back to the next round, while also keeping track of which losers to cut immediately.

First Impression Rose

We all know that if we could, we would give a first impression rose to our rush crushes. This is reserved for the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème of the evening. This is the person who we find an instant connection with and who we literally need in our lives. We want to get to know them better and spend more time with them. We can’t help but smile when we’re thinking about them constantly. Jojo spends the night looking for this special person, just as we go through recruitment hoping to find our other half.

After an arduous process of eliminating the worst and validating the best, those who so far seem to be a pretty good fit are invited back. Good luck to the bachelors who made it through the first round of cuts and are invited to the next round. May the recruitment odds be ever in their favor as they fight for the final bid rose.

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