The Be-All End-All Thanksgiving Break Bingo

The Be-All End-All Thanksgiving Break Bingo

Ah, do you smell that? That’s the scent of roasting turkey, pumpkin pie, and your parents’ disappointment that you still haven’t settled down and gotten your act together. Just the usual aroma of Thanksgiving break. The 5-day pregame before the winter break where your family can preemptively bombard you with personal questions, remind you that finals are just around the corner, and probe you about the guy who just won’t commit.

Going home for the holidays, while lovely and nice and blah blah blah, can also be pretty stressful. That’s why alcohol was invented. Seriously. Look it up (I’m lying). But just quietly drinking yourself into a stupor at your holiday dinner might seem depressing to some people. That’s why we created the be-all end-all break Bingo. No, you don’t get a prize if you win, but you do get drunk and really, that’s truly something to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Because nothing pairs with parental disappointment quite like a nice Fireball apple cider.

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Rachel Varina

(yeahokaywhat) Aspiring to be the next Tina Fey, Rachel spends her free time doing nothing to reach that goal. While judging people based on how they use "they're" vs. "there" on social media, she likes eating buffalo chicken dip, watching other people's Netflix, and wearing sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable.

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