The Beauty Of The Rush Crush

The Beauty Of The Rush Crush

Whether it’s Tory’s new riding boots for fall, or the sexy Phi Kapp you find sitting next to you during class this semester, crushing is a beautiful thing. However, there is one extra special type of crush outweighing all the others, and every single sorority girl has experienced it at least once: the rush crush.

It’s love at first sight. You want her to wear your letters. You want her to be your little. Mostly, you just want more than anything for her to want you and your sorority. The initial obsession might be described by people exhibiting lesser levels of passion as “crazy,” but it’s outside your control. You’ve just spent an entire week preparing and performing mock recruitment runs. There isn’t enough Starbucks in the world to bring you down from your current state of sleep-deprived psychosis.

You sit her down and get to basics. Where’s she from? What’s her major? Does she prefer tequila or whiskey?
KIDDING! That’s not a recruitment chair approved question, but theses are things you need to know! You learn that her family is comparable to yours, you have the same major, and she’ll indulge in a nice bourbon, but she’s really a vodka girl. KIDDING! You didn’t learn that, but she’s so fabulous that you can assume. She manages to stand out after day one, after only having answered the most basic, boring questions. She’s passing with flying colors and you can’t wait to have her back!

To be completely honest, it’s even possible to rush crush hard (harder than any average 16-year-old is crushing on Justin Bieber or some other boy band you currently hate) on someone you haven’t even talked to yet. All it takes is your best friend informing you that she’s exactly like you. Now, you’re a gem. You’re definitely one-of-a-kind, so when someone says they’ve met your match, it’s natural for your excitement to outweigh the excitement you feel for the annual Lilly Summer Sale. You love her. You need her. She will be yours.

Later in the week, conversations become more casual. You learn she loves tacky ’80s movies and hates Taylor Swift AND the Kardashians. Things continue to go swimmingly. There’s a small bump in the road when she tells you she hates baseball, but you know what? No one’s perfect, not even Kate Middleton.

The love you felt for your ex-boyfriend is a watered-down version of this love. You’re already envisioning all of the surprises you’ll deliver during initiation week. Is it weird that you bought block letters of her initials to bedazzle? You’re already counting down the days until big-little reveal. You may still be on the hunt for the perfect shade of lipstick, but you’ve found your perfect rush crush. Praise the Greek gods.


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