The Benefits Of Being The Big Spoon

The Benefits Of  Being The Big Spoon

After a restless night of constant tossing and turning, you wake up in an irritated mood, and flop over before your boyfriend can even kiss you good morning. “Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” he snickers. You ignore his asshole comment. But the frustration of always shifting around while asleep has taken a toll on you. Your morning attitude is even worse than usual, and no amount of eye shadow can distract people from those ominous bags under your eyes.

Then you realize, your boyfriend might be right. Actually, he’s never right, you’re always right, but he’s onto something. Maybe you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but on the wrong side of the cuddle. Maybe it’s time to adjust your cuddling positions, and experiment a little. I now introduce to you to one of the most satisfying huddles known to man: the big spoon. Shed the role of the little spoon once and for all, and embrace, the majestic, and immensely comfortable position of the big spoon.

At first, the idea seems crazy to you. The big spoon is for the boy, and the little spoon is for the girl, you think. But let’s drop these gender stereotypes, and open our minds to the possibility that the big spoon is everything you have been missing in life. You get to snuggle up to your boyfriend, while still having your own space to spread out, without feeling all constricted. Your boyfriend is also happier, because now he doesn’t have to worry about an obnoxious amount of hair in his face and an awkward boner. So it’s a win-win situation!

There are plenty of reasons why you should swap seats in the bed. And once you’ve read these, you’ll really be in the mood to do some spoonin’. So have your boy toy, body pillow, or cat handy, and get ready to curl up. Let’s go over how becoming the big spoon, will change your life – and sleepy nights – forever.

1. Comfort Is Key
Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to cuddling. I mean, if cuddling was not comfortable, would we even bother? No way. Which is why finding a position that you feel cozy in is key. And also why you need to try big spooning ASAP. You’re huddled around your boy, while still holding onto his strong arms, and intertwining your legs together. You’re still latched onto him, and embracing one giant hug while asleep, which is what cuddling basically is anyway when you really think about it.

2. Reverse, Reverse
Like everything else in life, cuddling the same old way every single night can become mundane. So spice things up in the bedroom, and switch it around. Now you’ll have an array of new snuggling positions handy for every night of the week. No more fights stemming from “We always sleep in the same position every night!” because all those lifeless nights are behind your boyfriend, while you sleep behind him.

3. I Got The Power
What is the ultimate element us girlfriends strive for in our relationships? Maintaining control. I don’t know about you, but I love being in control, especially in the bedroom, and feeling cramped to one corner of the bed, with your arms and legs squished together is not the feeling I crave while asleep. Luckily for the big spoon, we now have total control. Because you are not limited to snuggling up to your boyfriend all night. Instead, you can stretch yourself out however you please, and contort your legs in whatever flexible position desired. Spread your arms, legs, and any other ligaments you can think of, because you are as free as a bird while being the big spoon. Plus you have the power to push your boyfriend over to give yourself a little more space. Bingo!

4. He’s Happy
As girlfriends, we expect to be treated like princesses by our boys, especially while asleep. No pushing, nudging, poking, shoving, or even touching for that matter. The cuddling position has everything to do with whether or not your boyfriend bothers you during your beauty sleep. So how do we halt our fellas from constant contact to make them more comfortable? Put them in the ultimate comfort position from the start. When you’re the big spoon, your boyfriend no longer has to move your irritating strands of hair away from his face. Also, he’s not always laying behind you with an inconvenient hard-on. Boys love being the little spoon. The feeling of their girlfriend wrapped around them, all snuggled up, puts the cutest smile on their adorable faces. So not only are you happy, but he’s happy too.

Spooning is always the go-to cuddling position when it comes to couples, with the typical girl in the front, boy in the back designated spots, and while this position is cozy, it has its unfavorable qualities too. It’s time as girlfriends we take a stand, and lay down the rules regarding how we snuggle. So turn that boy around, and cuddle him hard! Just try it, trust me, you’ll never want to be the little spoon again.

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