The Best And Worst Cities To Get A Job When You Graduate

Source: WalletHub

Graduating and everything associated with it sucks. You move away from your friends and the place that has become your home. You have to wake up before noon. And suddenly, it’s no longer cute when your parents pay for everything, it’s pathetic. But worst of all, the only way to ensure your parents aren’t paying your way is to get a job. You know, one of those things you used to laugh about? Recall the phrase “Hahahah, omg. It’s 6 a.m. People are waking up for work right now and we haven’t even gone home yet!” You’re one of the people waking up now. Sucks to suck

But harder than having a job is finding a job. It seems like an endless process of sending out your résumé only to hear back never, while continuing to disappoint your parents by way of becoming one with their couch. It’s a grueling process, but the job market is not nearly as bad as it was five years ago when your great great great grandbig did nothing but eat cheese for a year before finding work.

Unemployment rates have dropped to 4.7%, and 210,000 new jobs are opening up every month. Still, some cities have it harder than others. WalletHub used 17 key metrics ranging from job opportunities to employment growth to determine the best (and worst) cities to find new jobs in.

The Best

  1. Plano, Texas
  2. Overland Park, Kansas
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Irving, Texas
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah
  6. Des Moines, Iowa
  7. Irvine, California
  8. Madison, Wisconsin
  9. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  10. Omaha, Nebraska

The Worst

141. San Bernardino, California

142. Hialeah, Florida

143. Brownsville, Texas

144. Ontario, California

145. Newark, New Jersey

146. Providence, Rhode Island

147. Modesto, California

148. Detroit, Michigan

149. Fresno, California

150. Stockton, California

Good luck, seniors. We’re waiting for you on the other side.

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