The Best App Ever Lets You Know Who’s Going To Be Where Tonight — And It Wants To Partner With Your Sorority

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Like clockwork, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the group text I have with my BFFs blows up with the same message: “What are we doing tonight?” Frat party? Bar crawl? Late night? Something else exciting that we haven’t heard about yet? There’s always something going on, and I don’t want to waste my time getting ready for a “Wild Kingdom” themed party only to find out that everyone I actually wanted to see is at the bars tonight. Call me Ariel, because I want to be where the people are. I want to be at the biggest party with everyone I know, having the best time of my life.

If only there was something that showed me exactly where all my favorite people are getting drunk tonight without me having to send a million text messages, wasting precious time that I could have used to pregame. The guys at WiGo basically read my mind and came up with this college-only social app that lets you know what’s happening tonight and who’s going to be there. If you’re worried about running into your ex at a party, this app is your savior. Just check who’s going before you show up and you’re gucci. It also lets you bug your friends who say they aren’t going out. Turn that peer pressure into beer (or wine) pressure and convince them to go out with you, because FOMO is worse than the flu. It’s already taking off in colleges across the country, and it’s definitely something you need at yours if you don’t have it already.


WiGo knows the majority of people who take advantage of its app are Greeks. We like to party, and we kind of have a reputation for it. It also knows the power of sorority girls, because if we go out, there’s a good chance we’re bringing at least 10 of our closest friends, because we never show up to a party alone. WiGo has decided to partner with 10 sororities across the country in a sister-exclusive campus ambassador program. If your sorority is one of the lucky chosen ones, you get tons of free apparel and incredible national press for your chapter, plus WiGo donates $1 for every person at your philanthropy events. Not to mention, you have connections with one of the nation’s hottest new startups, which happens to have an incredible waterfront office in Boston. Your parents can finally stop bugging you about finding an internship, because you have one with all of your sisters. Just show them the office in Boston–they’ll shut up.

Waterfront Office Boston

To apply, all you have to do is send a short video (two minutes max) to and tell the company why your sorority would make the perfect WiGo sisters. Applications are due Oct. 31 at midnight EST. Check out the app here:

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