The Best Campuses To Get Laid, Fall In Love, And Find Your Kinky Soulmate At

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We go to college for three things. To get an education. To have fun. And to get laid. Some schools, however, are better at some of these things than others. Go to an Ivy for the best education. Go to some state school for the best parties. But what about getting laid? What’s the best school to take your pants off and get your freak on?

The dating app, Clover, just compiled their data to figure out our universities’ dirty little secrets. Sure, the app is mostly used for “finding quality dates with minimal effort” but when it comes to “casual dating” (read: random hookups), they got their shit on lock, too.

In an extremely helpful, easy-to-read-even-if-you’re-already-drunk infographic, they discovered literally everything you’ll want to know before accepting a university, going on a road trip, or buying some fuzzy handcuffs and heading to Georgia.


So if you’re looking for lust, head to James Madison. Love? Western Kentucky is for you. And if you just want a weird night that might involve candle wax and a ball gag, University of Georgia is waiting. And as an alumna of UCF I just have to say, we can’t help that we’re so popular.

So pack your bags, grab some condoms, and get moving. You future, and orgasms, are waiting.

To download the app and find whatever it is your sick self is looking for, click here.

[via Clover]

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