The Boys Tell All On “The Baby Bachelorette” And There Is A Surprise Proposal That Shocks Everyone

baby bachelorette boys tell all

This season of The Baby Bachelorette has been nothing less than captivating. Bianca started with 11 boys all vying for her attention, but after the introductions, the destination dates, and hometown dates, she has finally narrowed it down to her final two. But before the finale, in usual Bachelorette fashion, Jimmy had the men come together to get a chance to give their side of the story, and of course, drama ensues. Captain America is now Spiderman, Isley is exposed for being there for the wrong reasons, Dean runs off the stage, and the Baby Bachelor, Wesley, is brought back for an important announcement: he made the wrong decision.

For the first time in Baby Bachelor history, Wesley broke off his marriage with his first choice and proposed to his second choice. Jessica wouldn’t go to the park with him, but we are all hoping that Gabby will. You can just tell that the two were made for each other. Second chances are a beautiful thing.

As for the Baby Bachelorette contestants, it’s clear that some of them are still hurt. Dean is still left picking up the five pieces of his heart that Bianca tore up. No mention of who the next Baby Bachelor will be or if there will be a Baby Bachelor in Paradise. Tune in next week to see who Bianca chooses as her Prince Charming.

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