The Broadway Cast Of “The Lion King” Surprises Subway Full Of People With Amazing Performance Of “Circle Of Life”

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Back in April, a video went viral of the Australian Regional Tour cast of “The Lion King” singing “Circle of Life” on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and it was fan-freaking-tastic.

Not to be outdone, the Broadway cast of “The Lion King” boarded the A Train in New York City and gave riders an unforgettable surprise. When the first singer belts out, “NANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABA” at the top of her lungs, you will get chills, and they will not go away until the end of the video.

How come all I get on my subway rides are sad panhandlers with sob stories begging me for change? What happened to the break dancers who used to shout out, “It’s showtime!” before doing death-defying stunts? I know the mayor was trying to crack down on them, but they gave the city such character.

This video does well to bring that spark back. Check it out–you might cry.

[via The Grio]

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