The “Dance Moms” Explain What It’s like To Pull A College All-Nighter


So, you have an exam tomorrow. And of course, you procrastinated studying until now because your life is filled with bad decisions.

You know what you have to do.

So you make some coffee to get yourself motivated, but the caffeine kicks in a little too hard.

Your friends are concerned by your sporadic behavior, and they suggest that you probably should’ve started studying earlier in the week.

But you know you can pull off an A, because you are fabulous.

Eventually you get to studying, and there’s even more material than you expected.

You really don’t have any clue what you’re reading.

As soon as you get on track, your roommate starts making all kinds of noise and distracting you, so you get a little angry.

You start throwing some punches.

You get back to studying, but when midnight rolls around you’re like

You start snacking a little too hard, and you have to remind yourself that it can easily get out of control.

Your roommate catches you on your break and asks, “Aren’t you supossed to be studying?”

Around 3 A.M., you start going pretty crazy.

You’re breaking down a little bit, so you have to remind yourself

A few hours later, you’ve decided that you will NEVER pull an all-nighter again.

You just weren’t cut out for this life.

You make the mistake of looking in a mirror around 5 a.m. and you look so awful that you can’t help but scream.

It eventually comes time for you to leave for your exam, and you tell yourself, “I can do this.”

But to be honest, at this point you’re like

You leave your exam feeling confident that you didn’t completely fail.

And obviously you have to celebrate, so you ask your friends.

They’re still a little mad at last night’s behavior, but you absolutely insist.

Because you are amazing, and you successfully pulled off your all-nighter.

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