The Ex Games

The Ex Games

I had one intention that night,
And it was to destroy you.
I thought I’d catch you off your game
But you had your intentions, too.

I thought looking good and ignoring you
Would be more than enough,
But you made a God damned fool of me
When you called my bluff.

You slithered in, like the snake you are
Conniving, yet innocent as could be
You charmed, you hissed, we kissed
And you told me you still loved me.

You told me no other girls are good enough
Because you always compared them to me
Here’s where I let my guard down
And became emotionally slutty:

I told you I thought about you all the time;
I told you I loved you, too.
I told you ’cause I meant it.
You told me so your balls wouldn’t be blue.

Nothing was better than that text the next week,
That, “Oh, I didn’t mean it at all,”
That, “Oh, you made me say it,”
That, “Oh, I just wanted to see you fall.”

According to you I think we’re still dating.
It’s cute you believe that
‘Cause as I’m reading your three page text,
I’m in bed at my slam’s frat.

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