The FCC Just Released The Funniest Complaints People Had About The VMAs And The Grammar Makes Me Concerned For Our Future

The FCC Just Released The Funniest Complaints People Had About The VMAs And The Grammar Makes Me Concerned For Our Future

If you saw MTV’s VMAs this year, you know that host Miley Cyrus was weird, mostly naked, and obsessed with marijuana. Sometimes we wish she’d stop just being Miley, or tone down the Miley just a little, but it comes as no surprise when she acts like a loon. But apparently, a whole bunch of people in this country were NOT prepared to see just how much they saw of her. The FCC released the complaints they got about Cyrus’s hosting stint, and, well…let’s just review some of the best ones from Rolling Stone:

From Glen Allen, VA:

Miley Cyrus said tits and showed a tit for a second. Before that, there were multiple words that were not okay, including ‘horny’.

Sounds like someone is a little sexually repressed.

From Eau Claire, WI:

I only watched about 10 minutes, and it just so happened to be right when Miley Cyrus ‘accidentally’ exposed her breast on air. This is not expectable [sic]; nor, her many outfits that I just saw pictures of. … And I am 25 years old, so my opinion is most certainly not a reflection of an older generation.

I’m just glad your grammar is not a reflection of our generation. I’m pretty sure you wanted to use “acceptable” there, because I think all of us would agree that seeing Miley’s boob was definitely expected.

From Irvine, CA:

Miley Cyrus’ outfits were over the top but the view of her naked breast was just obscene. I understand that she wants publicity, but I do not want to see her breasts. My 19-year-old son complained as well.

Either your 19-year-old son is gay or he’s lying.

From Carson City, NV:

What kind of pornographic display of indecency whas [sic] that? Miley wore barely any clothing and even flashed her breasts without any sensory [sic] at all. I find this absolutely disgusting that this was allowed on national TV.

I wonder if you filed the same complaint about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show?

From Gulfport, MS:

Miley Cyrus is a VERY TROUBLED CHILD and I can not believe what she was able to get away with on this show. Seems like she is in the news everywhere doing disgusting, perverted and lewd things. I just can’t understand why this CHILD gets away with all of this.

You realize Miley is 22, right? Last time I checked that makes her an adult, and you typing in caps lock doesn’t change that.

From Wichita, KS:

MTV VMA’s are rediculious [sic]. MTV used to be decient [sic] now there is cuss words, Nipple slip by Miley Cyrus, I will not be watch[ing] MTV programming no more.

Good, because perhaps you should be spending the time you were using to watch MTV to study English?

You can read the unabridged complaints here. But honestly, they don’t make me really mad at Miley. They do, however, make me really concerned for the future of America. It’s totally… rediculious.

[via Rolling Stone]

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