The First Ever Documented Use of OMG…OMG!!!!!

Ok, so Lord Fisher was totes the honorary gay (or at least that like kind of questionable is he/isn’t he? guy) of PC ‘17. And by ‘17 I obviously mean 1917. Why? Because in his infinite and glorious wisdom, he made “OMG” happen in the first ever documented use of the acronym back in the day, and I refuse to believe that we even have straight men to thank for our annoying/addicting/adorable habit of cutting down even the most simplistic of phrases. He and his man crush Winny Church exchanged gossip notes about like, I don’t know, the news or something. I imagine the parchment was pink and scented. The important message we get out of the original note, has little to do with the Germans, and more to do with the fact that he was like “betch, I just abbreved ‘Oh my God’ to OMG, because I literally have no time to write it all out because my fingers are getting tired. It’s a thing now. Deal with it.” That’s like almost verbatim what his letter said, but you can read the whole thing below.

  • Editor’s note: The likelihood that Lord Fisher and Winston Churchill were actually boyfriends is…well, I actually have no idea how likely. I mean he seemed super excited about the new Knighthood and “shower[ing] it on the Admirality.” I guess that’s not concrete evidence. BUT if we want to start that rumor, I’m on board because they’re European, which is practically synonymous with gay anyway.
  • Thanks so much, Fishy. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you.

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    Veronica Ruckh

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