The First Page Of The New “Gilmore Girls” Script Leaked And Hints At A Rory/Logan Reunion

Gilmore Girls teaser first page of script

The sneak peeks just keep coming for the revival of Gilmore Girls and each and every one leaves me screaming with excitement. I live for the spoilers, fan theories, and secrets.

The first trailer showed the mom and daughter duo discussing Amy Schumer at the dinner table, which is exactly what I would’ve predicted Lorelai and Rory would be doing in 2016. Aside from that little preview, we don’t know much about what the revival will look like. The creators of the show are keeping details of the show super tight-lipped, so tight-lipped that apparently only “the girls” know the last four words of the fourth and final episode. I’m not worried, though. Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote the first two episodes and Dan Sherman-Palladino wrote the second two, and I have full faith that the two of them together will do it justice.

Amy Sherman-Palladino was kind enough to give us bloodthirsty fans a small taste of what’s to come in November when she shared the first page of the script for the first episode, “Winter,” with Entertainment Weekly.

Witty back-and-forth banter? Check. Pop culture reference? Check. Rory being almost annoyingly perfect? Check. This dialogue is classic Gilmore Girls and I am giddy with excitement.

After I freaked out about new Gilmore Girls material for a good five minutes, I started dissecting the little clues in the dialogue. The final episode of the seventh season was appropriately titled ‘Bon Voyage’ and Rory left on an adventure around the country for her very first post-grad job in journalism. It looks like her job has taken her to many more places since then, including a seven-hour plane ride.

Stay with me, here. The Gilmore Girls Costume designer recently let it slip in an interview that Logan lives in London now… New York to London is a seven-hour plane ride… could that really mean what I think it means? Rory and Logan are back together?!

Fingers crossed.

[via EW]

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