The First Photos Of The “American Horror Story” Set Were Just Released And OMG They’re Scary

american horror story

I woke up this morning and had to do everything in my power not to pull out my riding boots and sweaters. I know it’s still summer. I know it’s still 100 freaking degrees outside. But with August comes recruitment, football games, and of course, Halloween. And with the excessive hours spent making costumes, the parties, and consuming a disgusting amount of pumpkin shit — I just can’t wait for the season. And this year, along with the gourd-spiced lattes and the festive events, comes something even more exciting: The sixth season of “American Horror Story.”

As you probably know, the show usually comes out in the fall, but in the past they waited until October (which meant that the show didn’t end until past Halloween and I already stopped watching because hello, November = Christmas is coming). This year, however, the show is getting an earlier start date. And while we know that some of our favorite cast members will be back on September 14 to scare the shit out of us, that was about all we knew, until now.

Last week they released some hella scary teasers, and this week the first photos of the set were passed around on the internet.

Originally people thought that this season might be about “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” but now there’s a different theory (because no, we still don’t know the actual theme).

From Elite Daily:

Roanoke, aka “The Lost Colony,” was an English settlement in late 16th-century North Carolina. One day in 1590, explorer-turned-Governor John White returned to the colony from a trip to England to find all 118 members missing without any sign of struggle.

Fires still burned and food sat out as though residents abandoned the colony mid-task. The only clue was the word “CROATOAN” — the name of a local native settlement populated by the Hatteras Indians — carved into a wooden post on the premises.

While the theme is not *confirmed* it seems to at least be taking form. Now to just wait a month and a half for some answers. Who knew we’d ever be so anxious to get terrified (or to see Evan Peters again)?

[via Elite Daily]

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