The First Teasers For “AHS: Cult” Are Here And They’re Straight Up Terrifying

The First Teasers For "AHS: Cult" Are Here And They're Straight Up Terrifying

Ever since “American Horror Story” started, there were about five actors on the show we all loved. Jessica Lange was and always will be number one. Obviously. Then, there was Evan Peters (shout out to him with the lobster hands. I still have erotic dreams about that). Following him was Sarah Paulson and the guy who sort of looked like Adam Levine (as well as the real Adam Levine for about half a second in the first season). But one of the best actors on the show, the one we really connected and bonded with, was none other than Emma Roberts.

From her witch bitch ways, the way she could get even dead guys to pay attention to her, and her all around boss ass bitch personality, it’s no wonder we all connected with her on a ~spiritual~ level. And while we all still loved her in the two seasons “Scream Queens” graced us with, it just. wasn’t. the same.

But now, since that spin-off show was canceled (RIP), it looks like our girl is making her way back home. Yesterday, she posted a picture to her Instagram stating that she too, has joined “The Cult,” which is why you’ve seen the “surprise bitch” gif literally flooding all of your social media feeds.

I've joined #ahscult will you? @mrrpmurphy 📸: @johnnygray5

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As Ryan Murphy recently announced, the seventh season of “American Horror Story” is titled “Cult” and will somehow tie into the 2016 election. All we really know, so far, is that no one will actually play Trump or Clinton, but that it’ll center around that general theme. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, and now Emma Roberts will be returning to the show, and first-timers Billie Lourd (hello, Chanel #3) and Lena fucking Dunham will also make appearances.

But wait! That’s not all. Since the title has been released, Ryan Murphy has been going crazy on social media leaving little Easter eggs for all of us people who should really get more hobbies fans to freak out about and overanalyze.


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Ryan Murphy previously stated that all of the seasons are connected to each other, (and maybe even to his other shows) but does this mean that there will be nine seasons total and that they loosely follow the nine circles of Dante’s Inferno? Either way, in an interview with Vanity Fair last year, he said that season seven is when shit really starts to go down.

From Vanity Fair:

We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in seasons seven and eight.

And from the teasers that have just been released, it’s safe to say he’s keeping his word because this shit is getting lowkey terrifying.

Finally, if you want a little more of a hands-on experience, head to to get all up in that Cult life.

How oh how this is all going to relate back to the election, the previous seasons, and somehow bees (Seriously. There’s so much bee stuff), I’m not sure. But I think we can all agree, the most important aspect is whether or not Jessica Lange will return, and what, exactly, is going on with Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. After being engaged and breaking up, working together again has to be a bit awkward. And praise be, because I am all about the drama.

“American Horror Story: Cult” is set to air September 5th on FX. Thank GOD.

[via Instagram, Vanity Fair, h/t Cosmopolitan]

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