The Future Is Now: Use Your Nails To Get On The Subway

get into the subway with your nails

Nail trends are just infuriating. With all the shit that people have decided to glue to their hands, you’d think that they would run out of ideas, but you would be dead ass wrong. There are now nails that are being made with a computer chip in them that allows access onto the subway. The subway, however, is located in London. A British student named Lucie Davis created press on nails that contain the same technology as a usual travel card. You’ll never have to worry about remembering your card again because it will literally be attached to your hands.

A photo posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

A photo posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

A video posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

You can’t buy these yet, but the idea is absolutely genius. I can only imagine how well this would do in a place like New York City. The only problem is they would have to make them available in french manicure as opposed to that gaudy blue. Then NYC women would love to get their hands on those nails. Or those nails on their hands, I guess.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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