The House Moms Of Michigan State University Hilariously Rewrote “The 12 Days Of Christmas” (Video)

House moms. The words sends visions of late-night homemade junk food and never ending judgement, dancing in our heads. Some of us love our house moms, some of us hate them. But whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, you know that they’re a crucial part to being a sorority woman. And unfortunately, that means that they tend to bring down the fun juuuuust a little bit because, you know, that’s their job. But the house moms of Michigan State University decided to switch things around and be the rowdy ones for once. Because sometimes really good things happen in this world.

According to the Youtube description, the house moms went caroling to all of the (Greek) houses during finals week, which is pretty stinkin’ cute. And in case you missed the lyrics to their on point remix, here they are.

Day 1 – A party with some very cute guys
Day 2 – No men upstairs
Day 3 – No Propped Doors
Day 4 – No drama queens
Day 5 – Clean Laundry Room
Day 6 – No painted floors
Day 7 – No picky eaters
Day 8 – No chapter ghosts
Day 9 – No plugged up toilets
Day 10 – No dirty snack room
Day 11 – Missing no composites
Day 12 – 12 Great House Moms!

They’re not like regular house moms, they’re cool house moms.

[via Youtube]

Image via Youtube

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