The Internet Can’t Handle This Picture Of Malia Obama Chilling In A Frat House Next To A Bong


You guys. I fucking love Malia Obama. She’s better than all of us. Every time she does something risky like playing beer pong on a college visit to Brown or smoking something suspicious at Lollapalooza, the media rips it apart because this is the world we live in. She never acknowledges the hype, probably because she’s smart enough to realize that she’s an 18-year-old and the majority of people do that shit regularly. Or because she just genuinely doesn’t give a fuck, which I would believe seeing as how she stepped out in this “Smoking kills” teeshirt a month after people chastised her for a video of her smoking pot:

That’s a Harvard hat, by the way. Because she’s going to Harvard. See? I told you she was better than you. She wore this to the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, so it’s no surprise that she was hanging out with some UPenn kids. Which is probably how she wound up in this frat house, next to this fucking massive bong:

I’m not saying she smoked out of it, because chances are it was just conveniently placed next to her in the view of whatever piece of shit nark took the picture. What I’m saying is that I want her life and I’m hoping, nay, praying she rushes when she joins Harvard in 2017. She has the balls to laugh about stupid media attention and, more importantly, she has tickets to all the best music festivals. If she does decide to join a sorority, I bet they’ll all be clawing to get her into their letters.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Instagram

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