The Internet Just Blew Up Over A Petition Demanding Caitlyn Jenner Give Back Olympic Gold Medals

Caitlyn Jenner

You know news is big on the Internet if your parents are talking about it. Normally, Mom and Dad are blissfully unaware of the latest viral video, and they get excited to post some six-month old meme to your Facebook wall once you’ve already forgotten what it was in reference to. But every now and again, something will be big enough that it reaches the Baby Boomers. #TheDress was one such event. Caitlyn Jenner is another.

Everyone’s got an opinion on CJ. Your parents are probably secretly freaked out, but they have the wherewithal not to publicly make a statement about it. Your grandparents have probably made a politically incorrect comment or two on the matter. But the worst offenders, of course, are the Internet trolls. An anonymous user on 4chan began a thread demanding Jenner return her Olympic medals as part of “a new hoax to fuck with feminists and trannies.” The troublemaker claimed that if Caitlyn has always been a woman, her participation in the 1976 Olympics was actually cheating. People have even gone so far as to create a petition on to strip Jenner of the medals. People have also taken to Twitter with the hashtag, #givebackthegold.

Oh, I get it. Because women are usually bigger, stronger, faster, and more able-bodied than men. When women are put up against men in physical competitions, they almost always win, right? So this is an unfair advantage? *Heads of all bigots explode as they are unable to decide whether they hold transphobia or misogyny more dear.*

But, whatever. Caitlyn can’t hear you over the sound of her success.


[via 4chan, Tech.Mic]

Image via Youtube / E! Entertainment

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