The Kama Sutra Of Sharing A Bed (Pictures)


Whether you know the guy or not, sharing a bed is uncomfortable. Especially when the bed is built to fit in a plastic race car. You can’t sprawl into your normal starfish position, so your only hope of sleeping is working together. You perform contortion acts when you sleep together, but now you have to do the same while you *actually* sleep together. Here are some positions for you and your guy to try next time you are snoozing in a single bed.



Missionary sleeping position is the classic big spoon/little spoon dynamic with the girl on the inside. This position is comfortable because you both fit on the bed, but it’s pretty difficult to fall asleep with someone breathing directly into your ear canal. Your arm ends up falling asleep before you do.

The Turtle Shell

Turtle Shell

This position is still spooning, but this time, the girl is on the outside. If he lets you put one arm around his waist then it’s a bit easier to get comfortable, but otherwise you are just balancing on your side with your arms down, which is even worse than it sounds. One false move and you are thrown overboard.

The Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap

This position involves both partners facing back to back in fetal position. The least romantic of positions, this is great for couples who are fighting or can’t stand someone’s hot breath on them while they are trying to sleep.

The Koala


One person lays flat on their stomach of their back while the other lies on their side with their top arm and leg wrapped around the other partner’s body like a tree trunk, resting their head on their shoulder or pillow.

The Swan


This position has both partners facing each other in fetal position with their heads touching like swans. You may interlock legs to keep both partners on the bed. This is prime positioning for mid-sleeping smooches.



One partner sleeps with their head at the top of the bed and their feet at the bottom while the other sleeps with their head at the bottom of the bed and their feet at the top. Caution: Only use this position if both partners do not move in their sleep.

Sunning Seal


One partner lays on their back and the other one, usually the smaller one, flops their body on top like a seal sunning herself on a rock. Scooch down and rest your head on the chest of the first partner so as not to suffocate in his/her neck while you sleep.

The Compromise


One partner lays comfortably while the other is shoved against the wall. A physical representation of a relationship.

The Snorer


He sleeps on the couch.

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Illustrations by Connor Davis.

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