The New “Blair Witch” Trailer Will Scare Your Balls Off


Just in time for the Halloween season, the 2016 reboot of Blair Witch premieres this weekend. It hits all of the marks on the old classic scares but also adds a few new twists. It’s safe to say that the original Blair Witch movie set the tone for horror in the 90s, and it certainly paved the way for found footage movies. It scared millions in theaters without actually showing anything at all. Its marketing campaign also confused people as to whether or not it was a true story. It really was revolutionary for its time, and the 2016 reboot is really hitting a chord with the critics.

First and foremost, they’ve added a GoPro style of filming, to update the look while keeping the found footage element true to form. Also, apparently drones have been added to the new movie to accompany some strong on screen character chemistry. Part of the scares of the first one was the realness of the emotions between friends lost in the woods. It stays true to the original by emphasizing small scares to create a very existential fear. Creaking in the woods, mysterious piles of rocks and sticks, and an even more sinister cabin in the middle of nowhere are just a few classics to reappear in the first. The film appears to be a true honor to the first, while bringing about a nostalgic kind of feel to the horror genre. The film debuts Friday September 16th and promises to be a great start to fall horror. Count me the fuck in.

[via The Verge]

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