The New “Gilmore Girls” Teaser Hints At Luke And Lorelai’s Relationship Status

gilmore girls luke and lorelai

I can’t take all this new “Gilmore Girls” news. It’s too much. And we’re still TWO full months away from the premiere!

If you’re not following “Gilmore Girls” on Instagram, you need to be. Their ‘gram game is absolute fire and every image is filled with so much nostalgia and anticipation for the new season that it makes you want to drop everything you’re doing and binge watch “Gilmore Girls” for the fourth (or in my case, four hundredth) time. Their post yesterday made us feel all those emotions, plus more.

Put this in your wallet. One day it will bring you luck.

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IT’S THE HOROSCOPE. If you’re still confused, allow me to refresh your memory. When Luke and Lorelai went on their first date, Lorelai tried to think back to the day they first met and couldn’t remember. But Luke remembered. He remembered everything.

Lorelai stormed into his diner demanding coffee (typical) but Luke was busy, so he couldn’t get to her right away. Lorelai is not a patient person. She asked what day his birthday was, and when he finally told her, she wrote down that “horoscope” on a piece of scrap paper. He gave her the coffee, but she didn’t go away. (Cue swooning.)

She told him to keep that horoscope, and that one day it would bring him luck. He kept it in his wallet for eight years. When he’s finished retelling the story, Lorelai looks at him, completely stunned. And then Luke delivers perhaps the most emotional, heartwarming lines of perhaps the entire series.

“This thing we’re doing here, me and you, I just want you to know I’m in. I am all in.”

Does the horoscope still bring Luke luck even after all this time? Or is it more of an omen now?

November 25th can’t come soon enough.

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