The New Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Is A Nude Lovers Dream

Too Faced is constantly surprising us with their adorable packaging and high-quality products, and this launch is no different. A few months ago they came out with the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette and it was a major hit. It sold out quickly in stores and online and if you got your hands on it, count yourself lucky. Similar to the Chocolate Bar palette, the palette not only looked good, but it also smelled like peaches. I die.

The palette was so successful that CEO Jerrod Blandino decided to expand the line into a full on collection that will launch in December.

Working on Peach collateral for the launch! #TFSweetPeach #ThisDecember #SomethingPeachyIsComing 🍑🍑🍑 #toofaced

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The collection includes a glow kit, a lip gloss and something called Papa Don’t Peach, which looks to be a shimmery blush.

🍑💖 #PapaDontPeach #toofaced #Spring #SweetPeach

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The lip gloss is described as a “creamy peach oil lip gloss,” which means it will be shiny and hydrating on the lips. The colors of this collection are totally speaking to me. Peachy pink-y nudes are natural yet pretty, and something everyone can pull off.

The only problem I have with this collection is how I’m going to afford it all.

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