The Newest Selfie Pose Is Called The T-Rex And It Will Totally Up Your Insta Game

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To say Instagram is an art form is most definitely justifiable. You have to know how to use your lighting, which are your best angles, and which filter is going to look the best for that particular photo. Along with all of this, how you pose has become a trend. There’s the duckface, pout, fish gape, faraway look… I could go on and on.

It seems there’s a new pose on the horizon, though you’ve probably seen it before. It’s called the T-Rex pose. Aptly named by beauty guru Huda Kattan, you take your hand, let it hang forward and make your fingers into a claw shape. Easy enough, or so it looks. I’m sure this pose comes with its difficulties and problems, though, as does every new Insta-pose. It seems to look best on people with long fingers and/or fake nails.

On the blog now how to POSE in a selfie link in bio #howtomasterSideEye #yesIMadeUpTRexHands

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About yesterday…. @luxurylaw @allanface @kimblehaircare

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@mmarz #hudabeautytrexhands

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I guess that counts me and my carrot fingers out. I’ll just go practice my fish gape in the mirror again.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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