The Next Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Making Out And Twizzlers

The Next Ice Bucket Challenge Involves Making Out And Twizzlers

Do you remember The Ice Bucket Challenge of yore (AKA, like, 6 months ago)? You know, where you dumped a bucket of freezing cold water on your head to raise awareness for ALS? Of course you do. After all, it was incredibly unpleasant and public. You got ice stuck in your bra. But, hey, it was for a good cause.

But now it’s time for another public display of awareness to take center stage. Enter The Twizzler Challenge, designed to raise money and awareness for New York Collaborates for Autism (NYC4A). In the tradition of The Lady and the Tramp, the challenge involves two people chomping down on opposite ends of a twizzler and then meeting in the middle for a smooch. Aw. And a little gross. At least The Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t involve saliva.

The Twizzler Challenge has begun to pick up speed recently, particularly after Matt Lauer and everyones’ favorite drunk aunt Kathie Lee Gifford tried it live on air during Today. Kathie, of course, went for the kill laid one on Matt. God bless, Kathie. God Bless.

So next time you’re in class with that cute GDI but realize you have nothing to say to him since you have no idea what non-greeks even do with their lives, use the Twizzler challenge to break the ice! Sure, he may be caught off-guard when you suddenly start trying to jam a twizzler in his mouth, but just tell him it’s for autism awareness! And start carrying Twizzlers on you at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a hot guy.

So, to sum up: Twizzlers are delicious, hook up for charity. Look for it on your newsfeed.

[via Elite Daily, NYC4A]

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