“The Notebook” Is Responsible For Your Recent Weight Gain — Thanks, Ryan Gosling


I love a good cry. It’s weird, but sometimes I just need a good, depressing sob to feel alive again. Nothing even has to be wrong in my life, but I still have to have a good cry every couple of months or I’ll go crazy. All it takes is a good YouTube video featuring a small animal being rescued from seemingly impossible danger, or a sweet proposal, or even a commercial with a really cute baby in it. It just feels good, you know? But when I have a night all to myself and I feel like really letting one loose, I’ll put on “The Notebook.”

Every girl who has ever watched “The Notebook” more than once doesn’t just put it on for shits and giggles. No, it’s for a specific purpose. She wants to cry.

Like most good things, apparently experiencing the emotion involved in Noah and Allie’s tumultuous love affair is bad for us, according to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. Sad movies cause people to eat more, which makes sense because I can’t cry to “The Notebook” without simultaneously dipping a chip into a tub of ice cream (fat-free, of course). The study did an experiment where participants watched the sob-inducing film “Love Story” or the classic rom-com “Sweet Home Alabama.” Researchers found that people watching the sad movie ate between 28 and 55 percent more popcorn than people watching the rom-com. The emotional distress from watching sad movies renders us into being completely useless, crying blobs, blindly and ferociously consuming calories. Being a woman is SO awesome.

I know, this is terrible news, but there’s hope. The study also reports that anyone watching sad movies is in such an emotional, love-sick trance that she’ll eat anything put in front of her — even healthy food. “Sad movies also lead people to eat more of any healthy food that’s in front of them,” lead researcher Brian Wansink said in this press release. Next time you settle in for a nice, long cry with “The Notebook,” kill two birds with one stone and swap the ice cream for a plate of fruit and veggies. Science predicts that you’ll mindlessly demolish the whole thing, which is great because you’re all about joining #FitFam.

[via Cosmopolitan]
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