The Perfect Woman (According To Men And To Women)

Remember life circa 2000, when the star of everyone’s liquid dreams was a mix of Destiny’s Child, with a touch of Madonna’s wild style, Janet Jackson’s smile, Jennifer’s body (before that meant Jennifer’s Body), Angelina Jolie’s lips underneath Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark, and some identified part of Tyra Banks and Salma Hayek? Well, the times have changed. While we still want a little bit of everyone, the coveted celebrities have changed (beside Jolie, whose lips are still on point for men). surveyed both men and women, asking their favorite features on celebrities, and threw the results together in what should be considered “the ideal woman.”

The visions of beauty, consist of the following.

According to women:
Hair: Freida Pinto (whoever didn’t vote for Jennifer Aniston is an idiot)
Forehead: Natalie Portman
Eyebrows: Cara Develigne
Eyes: Mila Kunis
Cheeks: Keira Knightley
Nose: Blake Lively (this is just stupid — I would take anything on Blake Lively except her giant nose)
Lips: Scarlett Johansson
Chin: Megan Fox

According to men:
Hair: Shakira
Forehead: Jennifer Aniston (no, it’s her hair we’re obsessed with, you idiots)
Eyebrows: Kate Middleton
Eyes: Mila Kunis (we have a winner!)
Cheeks: Angelina Jolie
Nose: Miranda Kerr
Lips: Angelina Jolie
Chin: Megan Fox (again, we agree!)

The results of this horrible photoshop job are, surprisingly, two trannies. Whodathunkit.


[via Jezebel]


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Veronica Ruckh

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