The Problem With The Revenge Body


Right now, I’m running to the sound of Taylor Swift telling me how she feels 22, and how Kanye made her famous. I’m thinking about how I’ve been hurt, but I’m not thinking about getting a revenge body. Right now, I’m thinking about being the ~best version~ of me. I’m thinking about getting a better life.

Everyone thinks that once they look better, everything will change. Suddenly he may want you back, or feel bad for dumping you. He won’t though. If he cared what your body looked like, he wouldn’t have let it go. You can think about how you’ve been hurt while working out, but it can’t be what drives you. What drives you has to be what you want to see for yourself. Frankly, revenge of any kind just means you care. You don’t want to be the girl who still cares.

The Kardashians are a huge factor in the revival of the “revenge body.” Although I think everyone has it wrong. Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian don’t just have revenge bodies; they’re living their best lives. They’re making millions, and looking hot while doing it. They no longer have to put up with their drunk or drug addict counterparts. They can have fun just caring for themselves. Be a Kardashian. Realize you’re about to have the time of your life, and try to look amazing while doing it. But don’t stop there! Hit the books! Get a 4.0 along with that four-mile run! This breakup will be the beginning of big things. It’s your job to make sure that happens, so strive for more than just a body you think he’ll like. Strive for a life you know you’ll love.

Revenge bodies are a temporary fix. If you’re just going to be the girl who drinks her sorrows every night while watching a sappy movie after working out, you’re no better off. You aren’t going to feel better about yourself with a better set of legs. You’re going to feel better about yourself when you know those legs are going towards something great. So while you’re working on those legs, work on being the next Taylor Swift or Kanye, depending on where your allegiance is.

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