The Rumors Are True: “The Princess Diaries Three” Is Actually, Finally Happening

Princess Diaries

It’s been 11 years since we last heard of Genovia. Oh sure, we watched Princess Mia become Queen Mia, and hot AF Lord Devereaux announce his love for her. But we never knew what happened after. Did they get married? What has Mia done as queen? And what happened with Clarisse and Joseph? For a movie that was supposed to be the end, we were left with a LOT of questions.

But now, Tracking Board reports, that we’re going to get all of the dirty details. It’s really happening, guys. Disney is set to make the next installment in the series. Unfortunately, it has called this a “total reboot” of the series, which means we may be looking at a new storyline—and a new painfully awkward princess. The original producer, however, has come back to run the show, sparking rumors that we might be seeing Hathaway in a more limited role. As for Clarisse, Julie Andrews has always said she wouldn’t be opposed to picking up her crown again.

When it comes to the storyline, Disney is holding it under lock and key. Nothing has been revealed about the film except that it is officially happening. Fans are excited, terrified, and catty as hell as we all are hoping for the return of Anne Hathaway.

If you need me, I’ll be practicing my princess wave. After all, this was the movie that taught us that anyone could be a princess.

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