The Sassiest Girl Ever Has The Perfect Response To Guys Who Don’t Want To Use Condoms


Condoms. LOL what are those?

Just kidding. Sort of. In the college world, condoms are tiny little things that create a whole world of problems. Do you use them? Do you trash them? You’re on the pill. Is he safe? You’re drunk. He’s drunk. Will he pull out? Did he pull out? Sure, we know that condoms help alleviate most of these concerns, but that doesn’t stop us from fucking sans-bag. Why? Because we’re idiots. But we’re horny idiots so, it makes sense.

Despite all of the facts (and trust us, we know all of the facts), we kind of didn’t care. Then the best pro-condom argument ever was created by none other than a bored, sarcastic, teenager.

Two years ago in a sex-ed class, the then 14-year-old had to fill out a lame questionnaire as an assignment. But instead of just writing “wear a condom or say no” she took her answers to the next level. And the reason why this is going viral on Imgur now? She had the most hilarious, honest, and down-to-Earth responses to an annoying assignment, ever. And the results? Well the results got her suspended. But they’re also kind of perfect.

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It’s no-brainer why she got in trouble. You can only say “fuck” so many times before the adults freak. Which is ironic, because they’re literally talking about fucking. And personally, I think the best way to get boys to listen is to speak their language. So in my opinion, the more fucks, the better, but what do I know? Even though the school disagrees, she shed some very informative light on the fight against condoms.

Her best responses?

• Condoms are gross; they’re messy; I hate them. So are babies.
• I’d be embarrassed to use one. Look at all the fucks I give!
• I don’t have a condom with me. I don’t have my vagina with me.

Finally, some sex-ed that I can get behind. Literally (wink wink).

[h/t Daily Dot, via Imgur]

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