The Secret To Having Really, REALLY Good Sex


A lot of people tell you what’s important when it comes to sex. Have a connection! Give oral! Use lube! Take your time! Scientists tell us, Hollywood tells us, and our best friends tell us when we complain about those guys who always try to push our heads down.

Still, I’m not quite sure what is actually important to women when it comes to sex. Sure, it’s a personal preference, but there has to be some trends, right? According to the Independent, there totally are. We just haven’t been paying attention because hello? It’s not like women need orgasms, right? J fucking K.

The fertility (gasp) app, Kindara, surveyed its users to find out what exactly women want. Because honestly? Who the hell knows?

Oh yeah. We do.

From Kindara:

What’s Most Important For Good Sex:

Communication – 10 percent
Foreplay – 24 percent
Novelty/Variation – 4 percent
Emotional connection – 53 percent
Frequent sexual activity – 7 percent
Other – 2 percent

Huh. Emotional connection? Weird Maybe that’s why your Tinder hookup is never as orgasmically filling as you hope. The survey went on to discover what made us not want to have sex. You know, besides the fake headache or cramps we always pretend to have.

Factors That Impede Women’s Sex Lives:

Young children – 12 percent
Other – 15 percent
Struggle with self image – 20 percent
Not in the mood – 20 percent
Out of sync with partner – 28 percent
Stress – 39 Percent

No Factors That Negatively Impact Their Sex Life – 18 percent

So, basically you need to have a good connection with your partner, not have kids, feel good about yourself, and be “in sync” with your other half. Oh, and lube. I feel like that might help. Pretty much, just go fuck yourself, because that’s one of the only ways you’ll actually get off. Ah, to be a woman.

[via Independent, Kindara]

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