The Smartest Girl Alive Gave Her Boyfriend A “Beyoncé Test” To See If They Should Stay Together

Beyonce test

Few times in life do you stumble upon something so beautiful, so perfect, and so empowering, that it makes you completely reevaluate your life. This morning I came across a tweet that will forever change the way I look at relationships. The smartest girl alive has finally found the most foolproof way to see if you should be with someone, and it’s everything.

21-year-old Allie Davis really likes Beyoncé. She also really likes her boyfriend. But she knew that should could never be in a healthy relationship unless she was with someone who shared (or at lease sort of understood) her passion. So, she gave her boyfriend a Beyoncé test to see if they should stay together. Basically he had to pass with a 60 percent to secure a “happily ever after” with our main betch.

Yes, this is real life. And yes, it’s perfect. But the quiz is just the start. Somehow this goddess of a girl has managed to secure a man who understands sarcasm, accepts her crazy, and doesn’t feel threatened by the fact that his girlfriend might just be more in love with Bey than she is with him. After seeing her tweets, I’m just sitting here wondering how the hell she does it.

And the best part? Her boyfriend passed with an 80 percent. Teach us your ways.

Obviously, the internet is looking to Allie as a relationship guru now. If she could get her boyfriend to not only take this test, but to pass it, AND stay with her after it went viral, she obviously knows her shit. She agreed to help us single ladies out, and posted the blank quiz on her WordPress site. This way we can all test our boyfriends and see if there are wedding bells in our future. It’s like M.A.S.H. but with Beyoncé, and so. Much. Better. #RelationshipGoals

[via Metro]

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