The “Stranger Things” Boys Formed A Band And I’m Maybe In Love? (Video)

The "Stranger Things" Boys Formed A Band And I'm Maybe In Love? (Video)

If there’s one show this year that you had to watch for fear of committing social suicide, it’s “Stranger Things.” Last year, when the first season came out, the world was flipped upside down (see what I did there?) over the ’80s, campy, sci-fi show where a bomb ass leading lady teamed up with a group of nerds to try to save the day. Talk about the perfect setup.

And while the first season had a big fandom, the second season basically took on a life of its own. Between girl feuds, bitchin’ new looks, and a fresh story (which is usually pretty unheard of in sequels), it’s no wonder the whole world is absolutely obsessed. Still, while we’re enchanted by these little kids playing loveable losers on TV, it turns out they’re all even more talented than we once thought.

Recently, the four boys of the “ST” universe when on “The Late Late Show with James Jorden” to make us all literally fall in love with them. I mean, they actually went on to sing and prove that they have hella good voices but still. The love thing totally happened. Behold, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will (not their real names but whatever), belting out the classics because sometimes, life is really quite wonderful.

(Note: If you want to just get to the singing, skip to 3:12 in the video. But I have to say, the whole thing is a solid watch. What else are you going to do? Be productive?)

Ummm. Is this how everyone felt when Justin Bieber came on the scene and people felt weird for loving him when he was an infant? Becuase I totally have those vibes right now. Plus, if the fact that these kids range from the ages of 13-16 and are extremely wealthy, famous, and above all, CRAZY GIFTED, makes you lowkey want to die, don’t worry. We’re all right here with you. Now, if they’d just form a band IRL and have Eleven replace James, everything would be perfect. Your move, boys.

[via Youtube, h/t via Twitter]

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