The Teaser For The Next Season Of “American Horror Story” Was Just Released And You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s In It


American freaking Horror Story.

God, what a show. If you’re anything like me (heaven help you) you’re literally addicted. Airing every fall on FX, this show has taken us for a wild ride. We’ve been through a haunted house, an asylum, a coven, and a freak show. It’s been terrifying, exciting, extremely sexual, and so damn weird. Even though we hide our faces behind the blanket during the scariest parts, we can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next. Finally, we’ve been told what awaits us as season five gets ready to scare us shitless. As of this morning, it was confirmed that next season, we’ll be checking into a hotel. And who will be making your reservation? None other than Lady Gaga.

In a tweet early this morning, she sent out a video that literally made me orgasm with excitement:

UGH, IT’S JUST SO GOOD. No other cast members have been revealed yet, but honestly? Who cares. After Lady Gaga’s spellbinding Oscars performance, we’re pretty sure she can do anything. And the fact that it’s taking place at a hotel? I’m already terrified for my future self’s wellbeing. The only other information as of now is that the show will air sometime in October. In the meantime, enjoy watching the clip above a million times and pray that there are no disturbing twin children in this hotel thriller. But let’s be real — if Lady Gaga is in it, you know it’s going to be weird. Time to practice our “Poker Face,” ladies, because this fall, “American Horror Story” will be back, and it’s going to be one creepy stay.

[via E!]

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