The Top 10 Best College Towns To Live (And Find Your Husband) In

College Town

There’s something wonderful about living in a college town. Not only because they never look at your fake ID too closely, but because instead of just owning the school, you own the entire area surrounding it, too. Some college towns have great drink specials. Some have dumb, hot guys (the best). But some have a quality of living that can’t really be compared to our “Free Fireball Fridays” or our awesome formal locations. SmartAsset decided to find the towns with the highest quality of life. They considered things like “crime rate, unemployment, median income, housing costs and the local availability of dining and entertainment amenities.”

Maybe your town has the best drink specials, but is it the best at setting you up for the long run? Here’s a list of the towns with the best quality of life, and the towns we probably need to go husband hunting in. Call me sexist, but while you’re busy writing mean comments, the rest of us will be traveling to New Jersey to lock a dick down.

From SmartAsset:

  1. Princeton, New Jersey — Princeton University
    Why: It has one of the best academic institutions in the world. It has spit out tons of presidents, astronauts, and rich people. Plus it’s super safe and super affordable
  2. Kearney, Nebraska — University of Nebraska
    Why: It has the lowest unemployment rate (2.5 percent) of any college town in America. Plus, lots of bars and food. Because, priorities.
  3. Boulder, Colorado — University of Colorado
    Why: It has lots of culture, low unemployment, and an absurd amount of dining and entertainment. Also: weed. 
  4. Bozeman, Montana — Montana State University
    Why: It’s close to Yellowstone National Park, it has tons of outdoorsy stuff for nature folks, and the economy is booming.
  5. Cedar Falls, Iowa — University of Northern Iowa
    Why: The crime rate and cost of living is so low, it should actually be a joke. But it’s not a joke. It’s just Cedar Falls. 
  6. Cambridge, Massachusetts — Harvard University, MIT
    Why: It’s one of the oldest college towns, it has two super smart-people schools, and every important company has research offices there. So like, NBD, but your husband is probably there, just waiting to buy you the world. 
  7. Ann Arbor, Michigan — University of Michigan
    Why: If you’re a basic bitch who loves fall leaves, football games, and quaint coffee shops, A-Squared is for you. 
  8. Grand Forks, North Dakota — University of North Dakota
    Why: Its unemployment rate is 3 percent, and love of hockey is 103 percent. If you love watching men skate around looking for a puck and having a job, go to school here. 
  9. Ames, Iowa — Iowa State University
    Why: It’s a decent sized city that likes to pretend it’s a small little town. It’s safe, people are nice, and the economy is flourishing. Basically it’s the Disney of college towns, minus the ears and the expensive ice cream. 
  10. Madison, Wisconsin — University of Wisconsin
    Why: It’s the state capitol, it has one of the best schools in the country, and the school spirit is pretty much insane.

If your school isn’t on the list, it’s okay! Just remember, culture isn’t everything. Maybe they don’t have really hot people. Maybe their drink specials suck. Maybe you want something more dangerous, instead of something safe. Just remember, your school is great too. But when it comes time to pick a mate, or go to grad school, take a trip to one of these towns before saying yes to your dumb AF boyfriend. I have a feeling the man of your dreams is off at Princeton, wearing a sweater over his rippling biceps and just waiting for you to come and spend all of his money.

JK. Like you could ever spend all of his money. Happy husband hunting! I mean, congrats on the best college towns? Whatever. Same thing.

[via SmartAsset]

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