The Top 25 TSMs of 2011

These are the 25 most popular TSMs of 2011 based on Nice Moves:

  1. I don’t dye my hair or starve myself to stay thin. I don’ t look down upon lower tier sororities. I’m not getting my MRS degree but an MBA instead. I can make a fantastic sandwich, award winning cupcakes and unbutton an Oxford and khakis with one hand. TSM.
    Stratter Than the Rest of Them, Florida

  2. I’m not a slampiece, I’m a take-home-to-meet-the-fam-piece. TSM.
    SASSandCLASS, Louisiana

  3. Elle Woods would’ve proven Casey Anthony was guilty. TSM.
    LivingXiLife, Georgia

  4. Your fratdaddy knowing that he can laugh at misogynistic TFMs all day, but if he ever treated you unkindly, he’d be ironing his own shirts and making his own sandwiches in a heartbeat. TSM.
    DeltaCubed1888, Oklahoma

  5. If more females would sit down and be ladies, more males would stand up and be gentleman. TSM.
    ThrowWhatYouKnow, Florida

  6. The only boys that can get below my Mason-Dixon Line are those who have pledged under it. TSM.
    Always Classy

  7. None of my friends got pregnant in high school. TSM.
    Thetaclassy, Texas

  8. My degree is not a back-up-plan. It’s a passion. I went to college to learn how to save lives, not bake pies. I already knew how to do that. TSM.
    PearlsRN, Tennessee

  9. The only three things a guy should want to change about a girl are her last name, her address, and her point of view on men. TSM.
    ADPi_first_finest, Texas

  10. Going to the gym to actually sweat, and going to school to actually get an education. TSM.
    pretty_in_ADPink, Indiana

  11. My sorority was founded before “sorority” was even a word. TSM.
    babyangel, Virginia

  12. Can’t I just be a cuddlepiece with t-shirt privileges? TSM.
    twinstarstate, Texas

  13. Getting the sudden urge to rear-end anyone with an Obama 2008 bumper sticker. TSM.
    you can call me darlin’, Texas

  14. I shall call her Little and she shall be mine and she shall be my Little. TSM.
    litpgirl4eva, Michigan

  15. Instantly becoming best friends after a drunken conversation in the bathroom at a party. TSM.
    partylikeits1867, Montana

  16. There needs to be a Facebook Family option for ‘Big’ and ‘Little.’ TSM.
    classycrafty, California

  17. Dancing on a sister until the creeper goes away. TSM.
    Project Mayhem, Georgia

  18. A prince got married, the bad guy is dead. This just proves all the geeds wrong who said Disney movies weren’t plausible. TSM.
    DGlove, Virginia

  19. “What should I say back to him?” TSM.
    southern_curls, Virginia

  20. If you’re not mentioned in Luke Bryan’s “Sorority Girls” then you’re not a real sorority. TSM.
    SrattinLikeAPro, Alabama

  21. Boys being called by their last names is such a turn-on. TSM.
    alpha_glamorous, California

  22. Only having your ears pierced. TSM.
    Cooking in pearls, Arizona

  23. Overusing ‘haha’ to avoid sounding bitchy. TSM.
    PONDDD, Oklahoma

  24. Maybe if Taylor Swift went to college she could’ve found herself a respectable fratdaddy instead of getting her heart broken by all of those GDIs. TSM.
    Pink1874, South Carolina

  25. Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son just like him. TSM.
    Oh Hot Dam Alpha Gam, Georgia

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