The Top 50 TSMs Of 2014


  1. Going to class hungover, and still being the best dressed. TSM.
  2. Not being excited about your birthday because 20 is a stupid age. TSM.
  3. “So, where did you end up last night?” TSM.
  4. Worrying about the wage gap, not the thigh gap. TSM.
  5. Elsa and Anna putting sisters before misters. TSM.
  6. My sorority is bae. TSM.
  7. Being so obsessed with your sorority family that your actual family gets jealous. TSM.
  8. Shack shirts: doubling as sleep shirts and souvenirs since the beginning of time. TSM.
  9. Taking off last night’s makeup, only to put on tonight’s makeup. TSM.
  10. I’m fluent in English, sarcasm, passive aggressiveness, and flirting. TSM.
  11. “I meannnnnnnnnnnn…” TSM.
  12. A moment of silence for all the cute shit you’ve lost at a frat house. TSM.
  13. There is never an inappropriate time for wine or Beyoncé. TSM.
  14. Refusing to wear real jeans once you’ve worn jeggings. TSM.
  15. Love is patient. Love is blind. If you can’t find love, there’s always wine. TSM.
  16. I only took like four shots because I’m a sober sister tonight. TSM.
  17. Finding any excuse to add glitter. TSM.
  18. Smirking to stop yourself from saying something bitchy. TSM.
  19. What clothes did I even wear before I joined a sorority? TSM.
  21. Having to begin every story about the night before with “So apparently…” TSM.
  22. Wearing another fraternity’s letters while you’re with him, just so he has a reason to get you out of your clothes. TSM.
  23. Philanthropy events are like the gym. You don’t want to go, but once you’re there, you feel pretty good about yourself. TSM.
  24. Having a pink pepper spray dispenser. TSM.
  25. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m just a soberphobic. TSM.
  26. “She’s like a less hot, GDI version of me.” TSM.
  27. Get in, Little. We’re going crafting. TSM.
  28. A grades, D cups. TSM.
  29. Taking “you’re such a stereotypical sorority girl” as a compliment. TSM.
  30. So You Think You Can Even. TSM.
  31. My heart doesn’t care about him. My mind is mad at him. My body just wants to do him. TSM.
  32. Making it to the 8am tailgate, but not your 8am class. TSM.
  33. Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably. TSM.
  34. Joining a bottom tier sorority. Graduating from a top tier sorority. TSM.
  35. Margarita Monday. Tequila Tuesday. Wine Wednesday. Tonic Thursday. Fireball Friday. TSM.
  36. “I’m not into exercise. If God wanted me to bend over he would put diamonds on the floor.” -Joan Rivers. TSM.
  37. The “k bye” text so he knows he’s in trouble. TSM.
  38. Little hunting is like crushing on a boy. You don’t want them to know you’re obsessed, but it’s all you talk about to your friends. TSM.
  39. Hold on. Let me put pants on. TSM.
  40. Feeling personally offended when someone says they don’t like your favorite fraternity. TSM.
  41. Being better at flirting with girls during recruitment than with guys on an actual date. TSM.
  42. Being too broke to afford textbooks but having enough money to buy another sorority shirt. TSM.
  43. My room was clean, until I had to find an outfit. TSM.
  44. “I know who your big is.” TSM.
  45. Having the looks to marry a rich and successful man, and the brains to be rich and successful yourself. TSM.
  46. Keeping your heart and your Starbucks on ice. TSM.
  47. Showing up late with a Starbucks in hand. TSTC.
  48. I’m not like regular bigs. I’m a cool big. TSM.
  49. Judging a guy by his ability to unhook your bra. TSM.
  50. Constantly having to switch between the English, Emoji, and Greek keyboards on your iPhone. TSM.

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