The Top Hookup Searches In Every State Prove We’re All Really Weird


Meeting *the one* can be hard. Considering the fact that most of us hate small talk, leaving our apartments, and are socially awkward, it’s pretty hard to find someone to live happily ever after (or at least have regular sex) with. The best way is, of course, through mutual friends at some sort of party. With the right alcohol, enough comfortable seating, and the option of just throwing on a movie when the crowd dies down, it screams romance and comfortable relationship. But since no one has a house, and I haven’t been to one of these parties since high school, they’re pretty hard to come by. So everyone resorts to the next worst thing — app dating.

Recently the app, Clover started a new, less nerve-wracking way of meeting people instead of the usual “he’s picking me up at 7 p.m. What should I wear? What do I say? Should I even go? should I just die instead?” thing that we’re oh-so fond of.

We recently launched a new topic-based group chat feature called Mixers to help singles connect with similar interests. Mixers is essentially a mashup of Meetup & Reddit for singles. We analyzed data from 1.5M users to find the most popular Mixers people were creating and joining across the USA.

And the popular mixers were really, really weird. Instead of just like “I’m lonely and want to get laid” they were oddly specific and highly entertaining. Here are the top searches in every state, so get ready to feel really awkward about the things the people around you are into. Looking at you, North Dakota.

  • Alabama: White Men For Black Women
  • Alaska: Christian Dating
  • Arizona: Everyone’s Doing It
  • Arkansas: College
  • California: Serious Relationships
  • Colorado: Lesbians
  • Connecticut: Fitness Fanatics
  • Delaware: Lesbiana (Latina Lesbians
  • Florida: Interracial Relationships
  • Georgia: BBW And Admirers
  • Hawaii: Hang Out
  • Idaho: Country
  • Illinois: Sexy Stoners
  • Indiana: Beauty & Brains
  • Iowa: Video Hames
  • Kansas: Cute Pets
  • Kentucky: Single Parents
  • Louisiana: Instagram Followers
  • Maine: Tattooed And Employed
  • Maryland: Cuddle Club
  • Massachusetts: 18-24 Young Singles Long-Term
  • Michigan: Interracial Fun
  • Minnesota: Snapchat Buddies
  • Mississippi: Tall Girl Problems
  • Missouri: Young Looking For Older
  • Montana: BDSM
  • Nebraska: Looking For A Little Fun
  • Nevada: Looking For Cougars
  • New Hampshire: Walking Dead
  • New Jersey: Make New Friends
  • New Mexico: Gay Guys
  • New York: Netflix And Chill
  • North Carolina: Piercings & Tattoos
  • North Dakota: Gym Rats
  • Ohio: Dog Lovers
  • Oklahoma: Socially Awkward Singles
  • Oregon: 420 And Chill
  • Pennsylvania: Looking For Hookups
  • Rhode Island: Dirty Chat
  • South Carolina: Sugar Babies, Mamas & Daddys
  • South Dakota: Anime Geeks
  • Tennessee: More Than Sex
  • Texas: Sex Tonight
  • Utah: Singles 30+
  • Vermont: Athletes
  • Virginia: Coffee
  • Washington: Nerds Into Nerds
  • West Virginia: Sex Fun NSA
  • Wisconson: Bi-Curious Straight/DL People
  • Wyoming: Up Late Looking To Date

I never thought I’d say it, but I think my true love is somewhere in Oklahoma.

[via Clover]

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