The Trailer For “The Ring” Sequel Is Genuinely Terrifying


I love scary movies. Like, probably a little too much. While most of my friends were obsessing over The Hunger Games and That Awkward Moment, I was trying to find a guy who would be able to take me to see Sinister 2 in theatres without crapping himself. I eventually took two guys, and I’m pretty sure they both left the theatre with significantly higher blood pressure than they entered with. Pussies.

I imagine I’ll have the same amount of difficulty finding someone to see Rings, the third film in The Ring franchise. I should tell you that this trailer could potentially cause you to avoid your shower for the rest of eternity. You’ve been warned.

The black and white video. The girl. The long black hair. The fucking ring. I’m dying to see this shit, and I couldn’t be happier that they’ve decided to continue this franchise, even if it has been roughly fourteen years since they made the first one. October 28th cannot come fast enough.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via YouTube

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