The TSM App Has Been Updated And It’s Better Than Ever


Word on the street is that your favorite app just got better. And trust us, it did. Before yesterday, the TSM app left a little to be desired. I spend my entire life on TSM, and I never used the old app. You couldn’t read the second page in paginated columns, commenting was tricky, you couldn’t share a piece of content from the app, and to top it all off, the thing cost $1.99. It was rough, man.

But just like our site got a makeover, and made everything more beautiful and fabulous, our app got a makeover. The new design matches the website you so adore (re: gorge), and it’s much more user friendly. And it’s so pink (*heart eye emoji*). Commenting is now simple, and sharing is even simpler. Browsing the app and want to share a one-liner with your friends on Twitter? Or maybe you don’t want to give it the ol’ RT, because standards. Observe.

photo 1

My favorite subtle feature, however, is that when you pull the content down to refresh, the little sailboat on top, well, it sails. Your favorite feature, though, will probably be that the updated version of the app is FREE in The App Store.

Download the new TSM App for FREE.

Srat on.

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Veronica Ruckh

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